Portfolio IPO – OneSmart Education Group

Our portfolio company OneSmart Education Group (NYSE:ONE) is listed on NYSE on March 28, 2018 with an IPO price of USD 11 and market capitalization of USD 1.8 billion.

Founded by Steven Zhang in 2007 in Shanghai, OneSmart Education is the 4th largest K12 tutoring company in China in terms of revenue, and 3rd largest in terms of profit, right after two US-listed companies New Oriental and TAL. From fiscal year 2015 to 2017(Ended August 31st , 2017), the company achieved net revenue of RMB 1.089 billion and RMB 1.529 billion and RMB 2.058 billion respectively, and net profit of RMB 56 million, RMB 187 million and RMB 243 million respectively.